COVID-19 UPDATE: In an effort to support our grieving community while working remotely we are available via phone and video conference. Click here or call 914-787-6158 x1317 to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals. 
DONATE: We are thrilled to announce that anonymous donors have agreed to match every dollar donated between May 7 – June 11.


Help Us Help Them by Contributing Today

$100 One Hour Of Individual Counseling

$150 Fund Tree House Counseling Group

$250 Buys art supplies, games & journals

$300 Create Therapy Session

$500 School Resilience Programs

$1000 Supports our school outreach and educational programs for administrators, counselors and educators

$2500 Support our Treehouse counselor and volunteer training program

$5000 Support a Treehouse family for one year

We are thrilled to announce that anonymous donors have agreed to match every dollar donated between May 7 – June 11

We are challenging our supporters to raise $50,000 to replace the anticipated proceeds from our spring Tree Chic event. We are thrilled to announce that an anonymous donor has agreed to match every dollar donated between May 7 – June 11.

Your donation will help provide individual and group counseling services to grieving children. It will help provide support to a parent who has lost a spouse or a child. It will help fund adult parent loss groups. And it will help teachers and school administrators support communities struggling to cope with the death of a teacher or a student. We can’t do this without you.

Help us help them

COVID-19 has created enormous stress and uncertainty in our lives, especially for families who have lost loved ones to COVID and non-COVID related illnesses. The Tree House is committed to continuing to provide cost-free grief counseling to families in our extended community during these unprecedented times. Unfortunately, social distancing has made it impossible for us to host the gala events that fund our Tree House counseling services. As a result, our funding is shrinking at the same time that the need for our help is growing. Now more than ever we need your financial support so that we can continue to do this vital work.