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Video Upload

If you would like to submit a video to be included in one of our upcoming BCW videos, please fill out the below form

Our Vision For Our Tree House Film:

With your help, we are looking to create a series of short 30 second videos that will enhance fundraising efforts for Tree House During these difficult
Times. (Please note for this video we will refer to our entire organization as the Tree House” It is just simpler to have one memorable name when referring to us as an organization)

So many people are in need of our services and yet so few actually know what we do and how we can help. Please video yourself answering the following questions and upload your videos here! Thank you so very much!
– The Tree House

Questions for Counselors and Volunteers:

  1. In one sentence please say why you work at the Tree House (Sample Answer: “ I work at the Tree House because I believe people who are grieving need support, comfort and empathy in order to heal”)
  2. Why should a griever consider coming to BCW & the Tree House? (Sample Answer “Grieving alone can be isolating but here people understand what you are going through. Here everyone helps one another build resilience and regain hope.”
  3. Why should people give to BCW Tree House? (Sample Answer: “Please give to the Tree House. We can change lives and make a real difference during these difficult times. Please help us help all those that are grieving – they can’t do it alone and with your support will make have the strength they need to to get through all of this”
  4. Please say this one sentence to the camera: “The Tree House. Tomorrow Looks Brighter From Here.”

Question for those who have attended the Tree House :

  1. In one sentence please answer why you came to BCW Tree House (Sample answer: “I came to the Tree House because I lost my mom and I needed to be with other kids who knew what I was going through. I wanted to just feel normal with people who had experienced the same thing I was going through”
  2. What have you gotten from our services? (Sample answer: “When I came here I immediately knew I was going to get the support, friendship and help I needed to get through this difficult time”)
  3. Why should people who have now lost someone come to the Tree House? (Sample answer: “Come here to meet kids that are going through the same thing you are going through”)
  4. Why should people give money to the Tree House? (Sample Answer: “Please help the Tree House with your donations. They are a vital service to people like me and can help so many during this difficult time”)
  5. Please say this sentence directly to camera “The Tree House Tomorrow Look Brighter From Here”
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