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A Night On The Cape

A Night On The Cape

A celebration for the benefit of the Tree House and a tribute to the late Tom Welling and his love of Cape Cod.

Live Music, Cape Cod Specialties and Much More!
Cape Cod Casual

This event has sold out! Thank you so much for the support; we look forward to seeing you at the next event! 



All proceeds will go to the Tree House. For further information call 914-787-6158 and ask for Susan McGeorge.

Celebrating Tom Welling’s support of the Tree House
When Tom and Helen Welling’s beloved daughter Kate died in a tragic dorm fire at Miami of Ohio in 2005, they turned to the BCW Tree House for comfort and support. After their experience, both Tom and Helen decided to devote their time and energies to Lawrence Community Health Service and particularly the Tree House. Tom became Chairman of the Lawrence Community Health Services board (LCHS) and Helen volunteered endless hours working with grieving children at the Tree House and became a Tree House Board member. This event celebrates their unending devotion to keeping the Tree House an important part of our community.

Benefit Chairs:
Hilary Blumenreich, Wendy Halley and MK O’Shaughnessy

Honored Guest:
Helen Welling

Steering Committee:
Donna Bucciarelli, Richard Dresdale, Dennis Glazer, Emily Liggitt, Janie Regan, Nina Richter & Thomas Welling Jr.

Benefit Committee:

Jim Agnello
Karen & Gene Bartley
Mary & Chris Behrens
Hilary & Stephen Blumenreich
Claudia & Brendan Boyle
Bridget & John Browne
Ellen & Charles Bryceland
Donna & Ed Bucciarelli
Jane & Joe Burke
Marnie & Chad Burns
Amy & Anthony Civale
Kelly Cooke & Collin Donohue
Maura Curtin & Charles Zicari
Phyllis Dapper
Steve Dapper
Leigh & Chad DeMartini
Jim Hoch
Caroline & Michel Dimitri
Deirdre & Michael Doheny
Patty & Michael Donovan-Duff
Annette & Bill Dowling
Sherry & Peter Doyle
Gianna & PJ Doyle
Karen & Joe Dragoni
Marcella & Richard Dresdale
Ann & Joe English
Barbara & Jay Eustis
Liz & James Fitzgerald
Judy Foley
Susan & Woody Frehse
Beth & Will Fulton
Jane & Neal Gelfand
Dennis Glazer
Khristan & John Haller
Wendy & John Halley
Jennifer & Paul Heathwood
Cece & Mike Heraty
Jennie & Walker Jacobs
Joanne Johnson & Edward Reilly
Lauren & James Kingsley
Katie & Chris Krieg

Sarah & Rocky Kurita
Emily & Mark Liggitt
Sarah & Ryan Loader
Linda & Don MacKinnon
Mary Marvin
Michelle & Vincent McBride
Jennifer & Tim McGrath
Megan & Peter McSherry
Donna Mercurio & Robert Sideli
Kathy & Jim Mestl
Marianne & Steven Mills
Pam & Guy Minetti
Augusta & Tom Moore
Kathy & James Mulcahy
Nicola & Terry Mullen
Liz & Paul Murphy
Paige & Arthur Nagle
Tricia O’Callaghan
Joan O’Connor
MK & David O’Shaughnessy
Mary Ann & Thomas Pizzo
Mary & Charles Preusse
Madryn & John Priesing
Betsy & Ian Putnam
Janie Regan & Michael Considine
Nina Richter
Alexandra Samra
Michael & Lisa Sargent
Mimi O’Connell Scully
Frank Sica
Ben & Maureen Stapleton
Christina & Bill Staudt
Lauren & Dan Toal
Laura & Conrad van Tienhoven
Jane Vergari
Erin & Thomas Welling Jr.
Jen Wells
Catherine & Matt Williams
Scott & Kara Wynne