COVID-19 UPDATE: In an effort to support our grieving community while working remotely we are available via phone and video conference. Click here or call 914-787-6158 x1317 to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals. 

Board of Directors

A Board With An Unwavering Commitment to Our Mission

Fund Board

  • Ellen Bryceland

  • Adrienne Altman

  • Michael Campbell

  • Chris Curtin

  • Anna Foley

  • Wendy Halley

  • Sarah Loader

  • Nancy McCreery

  • Tim McGrath

  • Janie Regan

  • Guy Morris

  • Beth McErlean-Pierce

  • Betsy Putnam

  • Mary Karen O’Shaughnessy

  • Louis Bellantoni

  • Melinda Trovini

  • Tom Sommer

Emeritus Chairs

  • Leslie Alberti
  • Linda Arrick
  • Maryann Bugas
  • Mark Connors
  • Julie Meade
  • Liza Near
  • Mimi O’Connell Scully
  • Patty Donovan-Duff