Tree House School Outreach

“Funding is the key to making sure organizations like BCW TreeHouse stay viable so they are there when we need them.”

-Jim Angelo, Bronxville School Guidance Counselor

Thank you, Lisa, for coming to Stuy that first day, for not taking over, but fully supporting what our needs were. Thank you for sensing that we could use your words at a parent meeting the following day and offering before being asked and making it happen so quickly.

— Casey J. Pedrick, Assistant Principal, Pupil Personnel Services, Stuyvesant High School

In the Wake of a School-Based Tragedy, the Bereavement Center of Westchester/The Tree House is Your Trusted Resource

Schools provide structure, safety and community for most of the nation’s children, bridging the divides of class and structure.When a school experiences the death of a student, a faculty, staff member or a cherished parent, their world can be turned upside down.

The Bereavement Center of Westchester/The Tree House is there to step in.

We are, in our own way, First Responders, minus the helmets and uniforms.  We go into trauma and loss situations to help foster psychological healing and resilience.


“Because of the Tree House, I feel accepted, cared for and safe.”