There are no words. There is only before and after.

Every day throughout the world, families of every race, religion and walk of life confront a devastating and unimaginable reality — their child has died.
Regardless of how or when a child dies, it always happens too soon, and leaves a sea of grief.
EVERMORE is here to improve the lives of families who experienced the death of a child, whether young or old, from accidents, violence, suicide, war, illness, natural causes,or disasters. Weareworkingtomarshalthefullsupportofof communities and society by providing bereaved families with all the resources, opportunities and societal supports our nation has to offer.

To achieve our mission, EVERMORE is:

  • Fostering Hope and Solidarity Among Bereaved Families
    We believe every child counts, young or old, before independent life has begun or as an octogenarian, every grieving parent deserves support, hope, and solidarity. No matter how your child died, no matter their age…all are welcome here.
  • Empowering Communities to Create Supportive Networks
    We believe that every community organization—public or private—has a role to play. From emergency responders, to medical examiners, funeral homes, hospitals, employers, or from grocers, recreational centers to child care and many others, each institution can support families in their own ways.
  • Changing Our Nation’s Societal Norms to Stabilize Families
    We believe that our nation can, and must, do better for families who experience one of life’s greatest hardships. By marshalling resources in all sectors of society to advance research, raise public awareness, and accelerate public policy, we can enhance family support and solvency.

EVERMORE knows that it will never diminish the lifetime of pain that families experience. But our hope is that the information, resources, and tools provided will support families through the flood of emotions and life changes that result from the death of a child.
Because losing a child…changes everything.

Family Grief 

Losing a child, at any age, transcends language, ethnicity, and culture. It is an all too common human experience of colossal significance – often beginning a cascade of changes that fundamentally alter the way parents and families live their lives. Read more…


While EVERMORE is not a support group or therapy- based center, we do provide programs for families from all walks of life. We aim to provide support that is on your own time, at your own pace and on your own couch. Read more…

Grief Support Directories

Finding resources for yourself or your family may be overwhelming for months or years. EVERMORE has consolidated number resources for families to help them navigate services that may help them through a difficult time. Read more…

Giving families a reason to believe, again.
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